Your Best Game Ever!

Created by Monte Cook Games

Get an insider’s look at everything that isn’t part of the game rules—building chemistry in your gaming group, making a character you will love and remember forever, running engaging and exciting games your players will always look forward to, creating thrilling adventures, finding all the right ideas, hosting memorable game nights…and loads more! If you play or run roleplaying games, Your Best Game Ever is for you. Inside this gorgeous hardcover book, suitable for your coffee table or your gaming table, you will find great advice and specific suggestions you can incorporate into every game to enhance your RPG experience at the table and away from it. But that’s not everything we’re offering. We’ve also funded a new version of the Cypher System Rulebook, which lets you use the award-winning game engine from Numenera to run any campaign you like. And we’re making several genre books as well: The Stars Are Fire, Stay Alive!, Godforsaken, and We Are All Mad Here. Each of these books incorporates the best advice and techniques from Your Best Game Ever.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Videos and Streaming!
9 months ago – Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 12:35:00 AM

We did a Your Best Game Ever panel at Gen Con that focused on tips specifically for having your best game session ever. Listen to Darcy Ross, Bruce Cordell, Sean Reynolds and I give you some insights—it’s just the kind of thing you’ll see in the book, as well as in the video series that you unlocked a few stretch goals back.

Callisto 6

Also, make sure you tune in to Geek and Sundry’s Twitch channel tonight or on their own Alpha channel at 4 PM Pacific TIme for Callisto 6, their new Cypher System streaming game. If you’re not backing at a level where you're getting the Cypher System Rulebook, Callisto 6 is a free and easy way to check out the Cypher System and see if it’s for you. Plus, many of the MCG crew will be in chat. Join us!

We’re so pleased at the support this Kickstarter has had. Thank you for taking a chance on a bunch of new books. We’ve got one week to go and plenty of cool things to come in that time. Tell your friends!

~Monte and the MCG team

Two Stretch Goals at Once!
9 months ago – Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 12:18:31 AM

Thanks to you, we’ve reached 2750 backers and now we will add the character creation rules for Cypher Shorts characters in the new Cypher System Rulebook and we will put Cypher Short adventures into all the follow-up books like the Stars Are Fire and Stay Alive! (As well as all additional books that we fund during this Kickstarter).

We’ll make the character creation rules into a single-fold double-sided 11x17 document printed on nice sturdy stock that all backers at the I Want it All! pledge level and above get when they get their new Cypher System Rulebook.

Plus, we unlocked the Character Portfolios!

Your characters are going to look awesome on the Character Portfolios we just unlocked! Thank you for your support. The pack of five 24-page character portfolios is now added to the I Want It All! pledge level and above, and it’s also available as an add-on.

Now how about another book? We’ve already unlocked the science fiction book, The Stars Are Fire, and the horror sourcebook, Stay Alive! We showed off this cover earlier, and if you’re a fan of fantasy, you’re in luck! 

The next goal will be to unlock a new 160-page Cypher System sourcebook written by me, Monte Cook, called Godforsaken. Godforsaken will cover all your fantasy needs, with stats for monsters, fantasy characters, magic items and gear, and so on. And of course, some Cypher Shorts adventures, as promised. But it will also detail the fully-realized, ready-to-use Godforsaken setting. In this setting, the people live in safe, fertile, blessed lands, watched over by the gods, but there are places where the gods and their power cannot go. But there are secrets and treasures in these godforsaken lands, where mortals can do what gods cannot. PCs portray stalwart adventurers who must travel into the most dangerous regions they ever imagined, where everything is godforsaken!

Godforsaken will be added to the I Want It All! level (man, that level’s getting to be a fantastic deal!) and above, as well as an add-on if we can reach $285K. Help us spread the word to reach this goal in the next week! And we have ideas for goals after that as well, so tell your friends, and if you’re not at the I Want It All! level, maybe you should take another look!


Why I Love Character Porfolios
9 months ago – Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 12:10:05 AM

Cypher System Character Portfolios may soon become a reality. One of these 24-page booklets is the perfect way to track all your character’s stats, gear, background, notes, and other developing details. How do I know that? Because I’ve used an earlier version (the Numenera Character Portfolio) and I love it.

In fact, I have a long history with character portfolio-style products, going all the way back to my experience using the Advanced D&D “Permanent Character Folder” for my half-demon wizard named Lord Dessatyso sometime in 1981! (I could tell you a story or two about Dessatyso, but maybe another time.)

More recently (much more recently), I used the Numenera Character Portfolio for a long-running character named Crail, a character whose name eventually spawned a curse word now widely uttered in the Ninth World, I’m proud to note.

One of the things I love about the character portfolio is that when you record your character in it, it feels as if you are making a commitment to that character. Putting your character into a portfolio makes that character feel just a little more real.

That’s partly because a character portfolio offers so much more “elbow room” in which to describe a character and what happens to them over time. At 24 pages, the portfolio is the perfect place to record all my character’s pools, abilities, skills, cyphers, and so on. But a lot can happen in a campaign. Which is why I so appreciate that the portfolio also has room for notes, sketches, and further details about my abilities, cyphers, and artifacts. There are dedicated areas to jot down thoughts about a character’s appearance and mannerisms, callouts for connections to the other PCs in the party, along with people, creatures, objects, and locations discovered while adventuring.

Another reason I appreciate the portfolios is because they have a premium feel. The Numenera ones are beautiful (and printed in full color on heavy matte paper that takes pencil and eraser easily), and the Cypher System ones promise to be equally great. Plus, how often in your life are you going to commit 24 pages to a single character sheet?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so before, here’s your opportunity! We're getting very close to the stretch goal. Please continue to help us spread the word! 


Cypher Shorts
9 months ago – Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 11:56:42 PM

I want to tell you guys about an idea I have.

No, Cypher Shorts aren’t MCG-branded underwear. (The Kickstarter for those are next year.) Rather, Cypher Shorts are a way of doing adventures for the Cypher System that I’m really excited about. Specifically, they’re one-shot adventures for a single night (or afternoon) of gaming. It’s a cool format that can fit onto two or four sheets of paper (so in a book it would be one or two two-page spreads). The conceit of a Cypher Short is that the action always starts in medias res and the player characters are all a part of the immediate setting and the story is specifically theirs. So if the adventure is about a space station under attack, the PCs are all people who work on the space station. If the adventure is about a haunted house, the PCs are the family that lives in the house, and so on. (This is opposed to the rather standard conceit of the majority of published adventures, where the PCs are outsiders—explorers, adventurers, mercenaries, investigators.)

The key to making this fun and easy is that Cypher Shorts will require a very quick and easy character creation system. Even quicker and easier than traditional Cypher. So really Cypher Shorts comes in two parts: a brief, in media res adventure, and a distilled version of the character creation rules. These rules won’t give you every option in the book, just enough to make a simple character quickly and jump into the action. In just four pages or so, it would offer a few descriptors, a few special abilities that fit a very general “type,” and a few customizable special abilities that might reflect a “focus.” With these simple rules, you can quickly make a tough speaker who is highly skilled, for example, and then you can customize that character into a starship technician, a lawyer, or a WWII soldier. Whatever that particular Cypher Short calls for.

If you wanted to, you could take a Cypher Short character and pretty easily figure out how to make it a full-on Cypher System character, basically by figuring out how they might advance. (Cypher Shorts characters would always be the equivalent of “starting” Cypher characters.) But really, that’s not the point. The point is to easily make it so that one week you have a sci-fi adventure and the next week you have a horror game. Or maybe you interrupt your ongoing campaign to do a one-shot in a different genre just for a break or if not everyone who’s a part of the main game can show up that night. Like our Instant Adventures products for Numenera and The Strange, these would be something the group could do at the spur of the moment.

I love this idea, but it will be a fair bit of additional development and playtesting. So we’re going to make it a backer-focused stretch goal. If we reach 2750 backers, we will add the character creation rules for Cypher Shorts characters in the new Cypher System Rulebook and we will put Cypher Short adventures into all the follow-up books like the Stars Are Fire and Stay Alive! (As well as all additional books that we fund during this Kickstarter).

We’ll make the character creation rules into a single-fold double-sided 11x17 document printed on nice sturdy stock that all backers at the I Want it All! level and above get when they get their new Cypher System Rulebook. These will make it really easy to give all the players in the group access and speed the whole process.

What’s more, we’ll make the character creation rules into a separate PDF and make that available to every backer of this Kickstarter from the $20 level on up.

So tell your friends. Spread the word on social media. Let’s get a lot of new backers for this campaign and make Cypher Shorts happen!


The Stars are Fire Upgrade Unlocked!
9 months ago – Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 10:25:46 PM

Nice! Thanks to you and your support, our science fiction sourcebook, The Stars are Fire, is going to be bigger and better than before. It will have more pages with more content—focusing in particular on short adventures you can use right away. It will also have more art and a double-sided poster map. All that, but the price is the same. Kickstarter is awesome!

Let’s do something different next. Let’s do something specifically for players rather than GMs. If we can reach $250,000, we will unlock Cypher System Character Portfolios. You’ll be able to showcase your characters in style with these beautiful and well-organized 24-page booklets. Use them to track all your character’s stats, gear, background, and significant details that you can continue to add to as your character grows more experienced. And you won’t get just one—you’ll get a pack of five for multiple characters (or you can share them with your game group).

The portfolios will be added to the I Want it All! pledge level and above for free, and will be available as an add-on. The PDF version will also be added to the All the PDFs! level. 
But only if we reach the goal. 

Please continue sharing this Kickstarter on social media and elsewhere. You are all amazing.

~Monte (and the whole MCG team)

P.S. Oh, and how about a sneak peek for a possible goal up ahead? What's that? Another cover? What do you think this might be? Unlock the current goal and maybe this will be next!